About Us

At Aqua-Guard Pool Products, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the very best products and customer experience. Our reputation has been built alongside esteemed manufacturers who share our passion.


Maytronics is a Global Leader in the Swimming Pool Robotics Industry and our partnership has been journey we are proud of - offering the most innovative products all backed with the best warranty in the industry.

The Nautilus CC Series is the #1 selling robot in world and we are pleased to finally be shipping within Canada!

Building a pool is a large home investment and what better than to spend time enjoying that investment instead of resenting it! The Nautilus CC Series is programmed to scrub both the walls and floor of your pool for 2 hours leaving your pool more pristine than any other robotic cleaner in its class. That's 2 hours of valuable time that you could be working, playing, or relaxing.

The fine filters collect debris inside of 2 self contained compartments reducing the need to backwash or flush your filters as often which not only reduces the need for chemical additives but improves your system's overall circulation. Ultra-fine filters come standard on the Nautilus CC Supreme and can be purchased for the Nautilus CC Plus or CC Pro, making short work of fine debris that would otherwise be too small for the fine filters.

Nautilus CC delivers industry-leading performance using less energy and providing more savings. Traditional pressure or suction pool cleaners are dependent on external hardware and your pools equipment requiring additional energy consumption to function properly. Not the case for our Dolphin, which gets its power from a standard outlet, uses it's own self-contained filtration system and uses 8 times less energy in the process.

We are very excited to partner with the Madimack Group and to introduce their wide range of pool products designed with a steadfast focus on sustainability, innovation and enhanced user features. Madimack's GT Freedom Cordless Robotic Cleaner won Best New Product at our 2023 Canadian Pool and Spa Expo in Niagara Falls, Ontario with features surpassing all other robots in its class.

Madimack products are built with enhanced inverter technology, InverMAC, engineered to support inverter motor operation allowing for precise control of motor speed and energy usage. InverMAC technology supports Madimack’s overall position of unrivalled performance leading the way in the development of energy-efficient products.

Welcome To A New Era Of Technology!

With Aqua-Guard, you can relax knowing your pool will be clean and ready for enjoyment when you are!