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"Ce nettoyant est génial"
- de Craig à Toronto

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Based on 73 reviews
Great Product & Durable!

These lasted the winter season without issue, can’t beat the customer service!

Great prompt service

Was a good price for gently used. Had an issue which was promptly and courteously dealt with by Dana and Jay! Thanks, Mike

Great! Original part in manufacturer bag, perfect match! It Part arrived ontime/early!

Original part. Arrived on time (or even earlier than original schedule).

We love “Flipper” so much, our only regret is not getting this years ago! We received this order within 24 hours of purchase! Great service.

Good machine, cleans fairly well, but it has an auto shut off after 2 hours. Instead of running till it is full. This is extremely inconvenient...

Product is exactly as shown. Fast delivery. Exact fit and replacement for my model. Got my robot back up and running quickly

Arrived quickly, exactly what I ordered

Fast delivery and an amazing product.

Works great. Happy to have it working again. Definite gam e changer

Pefect fit in my Liberty 200, the ultra-fine filter really makes a difference for picking up the small algae particules!

I’m almost 60. Looking to simplify my pool work and this is the answer! I was amazed at pool cleaner results! Wished I would have done this sooner. I have a bad back so vacuuming was always a task. Now I can sit back and let my pool cleaner do work.

Easy to set up and use, does a fantastic job

We have a Dolphin Explorer E30. It does an excellent job cleaning our pool using the fine filters it came with. However, we found that this spring there was always some dirt left in the bottom of the pool after the cycle was completed due to nearby construction The ultra fine filters that I purchased from you do a great job in picking up that dirt and now I always have a very clean pool. The ultra fine filters solved the problem and work great!

Great cleaning, took a while for the robot to be able to reach the waterline but it eventually did. The only issue remaining is the spotty connection, on wifi and Bluetooth

Easy to use, good instructions,

Fantastic product so far!
Wish the cart was of better quality

Overall it's a decent little robot but missing a lot of features that I am used to being a former polaris p9450 owner. But this Nautilus is a different animal so I'm learning to live with that. My 16x32 pool is almost too big for the robot and luckily my pool is close to the house for power or else the cord would be too short. It doesn't have anti swivel which is a bit of a pain. About once a week I have to disconnect the cord and get it all straightened out and plug it back in. It misses some spots on the first pass so I sometimes have it go twice around when I clean it but I have a lot of trees that drop a lot of debris. It's nice and light which is nice though. Emptying the filter is nice too, I like the filter box and how it's removed, opened and rinsed. For the price, I can't complain as long as this little robot cleans for years to come. My Polaris lasted 6 years so I'm hoping this little robot can compete.

Pleople actually answer the phone here. Great customer service.

This robot works much better than my previous one , it cleans probably 90% of
the pool. I also like the filter system, it holds onto all the crud much better than my old one, which would release a lot of it when I pulled it out of the pool.