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Pool Blocks – Copper Algaecide

Pool Blocks – Copper Algaecide

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Pool Blocks are copper sulphate based algaecide pucks that are non-foaming, and kill green, mustard and black algae that grows on the walls and on the floor of swimming pools. For a 25,000L pool, one puck will go into the skimmer basket, if algae persists then a monthly dose is recommended. Copper Sulphate products should always be accompanied by a sequestrating agent to prevent staining and scaling.

Available Net Contents: 600g, 1.5kg

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Safe Handling Tips

- Check all lids, tops, etc., to make sure they are secure.
- Don’t let children handle.
- Never mix different pool chemicals.
- Do not store in damp areas or near heat.
- Never store chlorine and acid together.

We will NOT be responsible for damage caused by careless handling of pool chemicals after they are in your possession.

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