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Aqua-Guard Alliance Soft Shock - Box of 11 Pouches

Aqua-Guard Alliance Soft Shock - Box of 11 Pouches

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Revitalize your swimming pool with Alliance Soft Shock - the perfect solution for weekly maintenance. Our quick-dissolving chlorine shock is blended with a clarifier, buffering agent, and stain and scale inhibitor to effectively remove contaminants and keep your water crystal clear. With Soft Shock's gentle formula, you can swim in your pool as soon as 15 minutes after treatment. Say goodbye to murky water and hello to a cleaner, safer pool with Alliance Soft Shock. Try it today!

Available net contents: 11 x 454g

SDS - Safety Data Sheet

Alliance Pool Care System

Learn more about how our synergistic team of pool care products work together to keep your pool sparkling and clean!

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Package Contents

11 454g packs of Soft Shock

Safe Handling Tips

- Check all lids, tops, etc., to make sure they are secure.
- Don’t let children handle.
- Never mix different pool chemicals.
- Do not store in damp areas or near heat.
- Never store chlorine and acid together.

We will NOT be responsible for damage caused by careless handling of pool chemicals after they are in your possession.

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Alliance Soft Shock Instructions

Ensure the pump is in operation.

Add one pouch per 50,000L by broadcasting directly onto the surface of the pool’s deep end. Apply weekly as part of regular maintenance.

Be sure to test your chlorine levels weekly to maintain a reading between 1.0 – 3.0 ppm.

How much Soft Shock should I use?

Pool Volume Zinc Pucks (weekly) Alliance Soft Shock (weekly) Alliance ElaBORATE Initial Dose
10,000L1-2 tabs1 pouch2 Kg
20,000L1-2 tabs1 pouch4 Kg
30,000L1-2 tabs1 pouch6 Kg
40,000L2-3 tabs1 pouch8 Kg
50,000L2-3 tabs1 pouch10 Kg
60,000L2-3 tabs2 pouches12 Kg
70,000L3-4 tabs2 pouches14 Kg
80,000L3-4 tabs2 pouches16 Kg
90,000L3-4 tabs2 pouches18 Kg
100,000L4-5 tabs2 pouches20 Kg

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