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Aqua-Guard Winterizer Kit

Aqua-Guard Winterizer Kit

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End the pool season with peace of mind. This kit includes 3 essential chemicals to help protect and keep your pool clean throughout the winter for an easy open the following season! Please follow our instructions and this kit. Ideal for pools up to 80,000L.


Each Aqua-Guard Winterizer Kit includes:

  • 1kg Oxy Out Shock Treatment
  • 1L Meta-Sol – Stain & Scale Prevention
  • 1L 50% Concentrated Algaecide

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Package Contents

1kg Oxy Out Shock Treatment, 1L Meta-Sol – Stain & Scale Prevention, and 1L 50% Concentrated Algaecide

Safe Handling Tips

- Check all lids, tops, etc., to make sure they are secure.
- Don’t let children handle.
- Never mix different pool chemicals.
- Do not store in damp areas or near heat.
- Never store chlorine and acid together.

We will NOT be responsible for damage caused by careless handling of pool chemicals after they are in your possession.

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  • How to use your Aqua-Guard Pool Winterizer Kit

  • 1. Have your pool water tested and balanced one week prior to pool closing. All chemistry adjustments should be made at this time before adding any of the Winterizing Chemicals. Green or cloudy pools should be treated and cleared before closing. It is particularly important that the pH and Total Alkalinity are tested and any necessary adjustments are made. As well, the Chlorine/Bromine should ideally be between 1 - 3ppm at the time of closing. (Note: if your pool water is acidic at the time of closing, have your pool water tested for copper or metals as additional measures may need to be taken before closing. See your local pool professional for more information.)

    2. Keep your pump running during all Chemical applications.

    3. Physically clean the pool, empty pump and skimmer baskets. Sand Filters: If the Filter has not been cleaned all season, use Filter Rinse as directed. A dirty filter can result in hardened scale deposits that cake up over the winter. Filter removes build-up within the sand media during your final backwash.

    4. Once pool water is clean, clear and balanced, pour 1L Meta-sol evenly around the pool. Meta-sol will guard against scale, metal staining and “bathtub ring”. Wait 4 hours before adding Oxy Out.

    5. Add 1kg Oxy Out directly to the water by broadcasting down wind, across the surface of the pool. Oxy Out works to oxidize dissolved organic matter that physical cleaning and filtration could not remove. Oxy Out works well with all Chlorine and Bromine pools. Wait 15 minutes before adding algaecide.

    6. Pre-mix the 50% Concentrated Algaecide into a bucket of water and pour evenly around the pool. Algaecide will help to protect the pool from algae growth during unpredictable Fall and Spring temperatures.

    7. It is ideal to circulate the pool water for 8 hours before shutting down the pool pump and filter.

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